Removable Prosthodontics Portfolio

The following cases are some of the removable prosthodontics cases I have performed during fourth and fifth year

On the left is an example of a secondary impression that I took for a patient requiring a full maxillary denture.

Border moulding was done with greenstick compound to capture the functional depth of the vestibule. The impression was taken with ZOE. The vibrating line was marked on the patient with a Thompson indicating stick and transferred to the impression.

During the impression I ensured that I made sure I captured all the frena and vestibule depth. The holes seen in the impression were made by my dental technician when he was critiquing my impression.

The images on top are examples of a F-F Bite registration that I have taken for a patient.

The maxillary registration rim occlusal plane was made parallel to the interpupillary line anteriorly, and the ala-tragus line posteriorly. The midlines, canine lines, and lip position at rest were also recorded through the use of a wax knife.

Clinically, the mandibular registration rim was extended too far down the retromolar pad, and was reduced extraorally, so that the dentures do not dislodge upon mandibular protrusion. This will be assessed during the wax try in appointment.