My name is Siva Prakash, I am a final year dentistry student current studying at La Trobe University.

I’m currently on clinical placements as a part of my Master of Dentistry degree in public clinics in regional and rural Victoria.

I enjoy placements in regional and rural area as I have found that I am able to have better rapport with patients and become a part of the community. I am also able to develop stronger professional networks with other health professionals in the area.

My interests in dentistry include: Endodontics, Restorative Dentistry, and Prosthodontics (Removable and Fixed).



Bachelor of Health Sciences in Dentistry / Master of Dentistry 2016 – Present
La Trobe University Bendigo

Primary dentistry degree based at La Trobe Universities’ Bendigo campus, accredited by the Australian Dental Council, and approved by the Dental Board of Australia. 

During the Bachelor of Health Sciences in Dentistry degree, pre-clinical theory was provided in a combination of lectures, tutorials and lab practicals at the Bendigo Campus. In 2018, the final year of the Bachelors of Health Sciences in Dentistry degree, Siva was provided with clinical exposure to paediatric and adult patients in the Community Dental Service at Bendigo Health, with a limited scope to examinations, basic periodontal treatment and basic restorative treatment.

Siva was also awarded the ‘Delta Sigma Delta Achievement Award in Dentistry’ for his outstanding academic achievement and commitment to social issues and community service during his Bachelor of Health Sciences in Dentistry degree.

During the Master of Dentistry degree, Siva was placed in Melton and Wodonga for 5 months each, and in Ararat for 1 year. He was exposed to an increased scope, which allowed him to provide all procedures provided by General Dental Practitioners under the guidance of Senior Dental Officers and Clinical Educators. These two years had a strong clinical emphasis, however lectures and tutorials were provided online during non-clinical hours and face-to-face through “Back to Base” seminars in Bendigo.

The Master of dentistry degree also placed a strong emphasis on the provision of dentistry to disadvantaged communities in regional and rural settings.

During his primary dentistry degree, Siva was involved in organisations such as the Bendigo Oral Health and Dentistry Society (BOHDS), La Trobe Rural Health Club (LARHC), and the Australian Dental Association (ADA).

Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) 2012-2015
Melbourne High School, South Yarra

Siva completed his secondary school education at Melbourne High School, the only academically selective single-sex boys school in the state of Victoria.

During his time at Melbourne High School, Siva was involved in the Australian Air Force and sporting clubs, which taught him leadership skills and the importance of being a team player.

Melbourne High School - Wikipedia


Professional Experience

Student Dentist 2018 – Present
Dental Health Services Victoria
La Trobe University

Siva worked under the supervision of senior dentists in public dental clinics in Regional Victoria between the years of 2018 and 2020, where he completed 2500 clinical hours.

In 2018, Siva was on placement in Bendigo Health, and performed examinations, basic restorative and basic periodontal treatment to paediatric and adult patients.

In 2019, Siva was on placement in Melton for 5 months, and then Wodonga for 5 months. During this time, he provided general and emergency care to paediatric and adult patients, and provided all treatments offered by General Dental Practitioners. On an average day, Siva would provide dental care to 4 to 5 patients.

In 2020, Siva was on placement for the whole year in Ararat. During this time, he was able to treat patients with more advanced needs than he did in 2019, and also worked in tandem with dental technicians to provide removable prosthodontic interventions to patients. He was also involved in planning and assisting the Clinical Educator in providing dental treatment to paediatric patients under general anaesthesia. On an average day, Siva would provide dental care to 7 patients.

La Trobe Rural Health Club (LARHC)

In 2018, Siva was the President of the La Trobe Rural Health Club. In this role, he represented the club on a national level in conferences with the National Rural Health Students Network, and also facilitated communication between the La Trobe School of Rural Health and the student cohort.

He was awarded for his role as President with the prestigious ‘BSA Individual Excellence Award’ from the Bendigo Students Association.


Delta Sigma Delta Achievement Award in Dentistry  2019
Delta Sigma Delta Victoria Chapter

Awarded for outstanding academic achievement and commitment to social justice issues and community services over the first three years of the course.

BSA Individual Excellence Award  2018
Bendigo Student Association (BSA)

Awarded for commitment to the success of the La Trobe Rural Health Club (LARHC) in the role of president, contribution to the student life of the Bendigo campus and establishing a positive culture within LARHC.

Written references

Reference letter from the Bendigo Student Association from my role as President of the La Trobe Rural Health Club